Cave. Darkness. Depth. Its meaning is something that is closed and hidden in itself. Prison of the soul, which takes what it perceives with the senses as true existence. The paintings on the walls of the cave flicker into figures and things, the moving image which is deceptive, is only a shadow, created under the influence of real or artificial light, or entirely imaginary, a memory drawn from the past, a vision of dreams. It is living in an illusory reality. We do not live to live in caves, but to find a way out. We humans are creatures in search of meaning. We come into the world from dark places and only through them do we experience rebirth, remember who we were, are and where we are going. The cave is a portal between the material and the spiritual.
But in order to really „come out” of the cave, one must reach the core of it, immerse oneself in the filth and the deepest honey-sticky lonely darkness, eat one’s world of shadows, flickering illusions swaying before our eyes, then spew them out in convulsions of despair and dying. Feel the cold skin of the stone, hear the sounds of drops of water dripping down the walls and your real pathetic voice of a doomed madman. And then surrender completely and unconditionally to feel the blissful peace and warmth as in the mother’s womb. Cocoon. Death. Transformation. Becoming a seed again, the matter of the same world that connects us all and everything into one, take root in here and now, gain strength drawing from the energy of the earth. Grow and then get up and feel the first step and take the first breath like a child who can’t walk and breathe yet, but already knowing what the goal is. Tunnel. Brightness. Source. The exit from the cave. And returns to it.
Going beyond the matter of the image, in holy union with this matter. Happiness and misfortune.
Positive and negative, dark and light in perfect balance, flowing in constant motion…

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